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bevy_color is a library of methods to represent and manipulate color values in various color spaces, compatible with the Bevy game engine.

Color space types:

  • Srgba - Standard RGB color space.
  • LinearRgba - Linear RGB color space.
  • Hsla - Hue, Saturation, Lightness color space.
  • Lcha - Lightness, Chroma, Hue color space.
  • Oklaba - OKLab color space.

Other types:

  • ColorRepresentation - an enum that can hold a color of any known type.
  • ColorRange - a range object that allows interpolation between a start and end color.
  • AnyColorRange - a type-erased color range that allows generating a gradient or interpolation in different color spaces, without exposing details about which color space is being used.

Common operations:

  • All color spaces support conversions to and from Srgba via Into.
  • All color spaces support conversions to and from LinearRgba via Into.
  • Most color spaces support conversions to and from the Bevy legacy Color type.
  • Colors can be converted to raw representations such as Vec4 for use as shader parameters.
  • All color spaces support the Mix trait, which provides mix, a linear interpolation between colors, and mix_assign, which is the mutating version of mix.
  • Convenient utility methods:
    • .lighter(amount)
    • .darker(amount)
    • .with_luminance(lum)


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