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What is Bevy?

Bevy is a refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust. It is free and open-source forever!


Bevy is still in the very early stages of development. APIs can and will change (now is the time to make suggestions!). Important features are missing. Documentation is sparse. Please don't build any serious projects in Bevy unless you are prepared to be broken by api changes constantly.

Design Goals

  • Capable: Offer a complete 2D and 3D feature set
  • Simple: Easy for newbies to pick up, but infinitely flexible for power users
  • Data Focused: Data-oriented architecture using the Entity Component System paradigm
  • Modular: Use only what you need. Replace what you don't like
  • Fast: App logic should run quickly, and when possible, in parallel
  • Productive: Changes should compile quickly ... waiting isn't fun


  • Features: A quick overview of Bevy's features.
  • Roadmap: The Bevy team's development plan.


  • The Bevy Book: Bevy's official documentation. The best place to start learning Bevy.
  • Bevy Rust API Docs: Bevy's Rust API docs, which are automatically generated from the doc comments in this repo.

Getting Started

We recommend checking out The Bevy Book for a full tutorial. You can quickly try out the examples by cloning this repo and running the following command:

# Runs the "breakout" example
cargo run --example breakout

Fast Compiles

Bevy can be built just fine using default configuration on stable Rust. However for really fast iterative compiles, you should enable the "fast compiles" setup by following the instructions here.

Libraries Used

Bevy is only possible because of the hard work put into these foundational technologies:

  • wgpu-rs: modern / low-level / cross platform graphics library inspired by Vulkan
  • glam-rs: a simple and fast 3D math library for games and graphics
  • winit: cross platform window creation and management in Rust
  • spirv-reflect: Reflection API in rust for SPIR-V shader byte code

Additionally, we would like to thank the Amethyst, macroquad, coffee, ggez, and Piston projects for providing solid examples of game engine development in Rust. If you are looking for a Rust game engine, it is worth considering all of your options. Each engine has different design goals and some will likely resonate with you more than others.


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