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use your computer keyboard like a piano

6 stable releases

2.0.0 Jan 2, 2024
1.2.0 Sep 22, 2022
1.1.2 Sep 19, 2022
1.0.0 Sep 17, 2022

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an app to use your computer keyboard like a piano

allows easy source mod for your own sound wave functions

Supported Platforms


most likely not to work on window/macos unless using a terminal like kitty

Tested Platforms


How To Use

the default uses the qwerty row for white keys and the number row
for black keys. There is an extended mode that also enables the two
rows immediately below the qwerty layer.

This and all additional modes are listed under the 'F1' menu accessed
by pressing F1. This menu and the entire app can be escaped by the Esc


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