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Command-line tool for programming ch57x keyboard

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What is this?

This is an utility for programming small keyboards like this one:

Such keyboards are popular on AliExpress and seller usually sends software for programming, but it:

  • requires Windows,
  • is very ugly and inconvenient,
  • can only program one key at a time
  • don't expose all keyboard features

There are several modifications of such keyboards with different number of buttons and knobs (see some photos) and with/without Bluetooth.

Both wired and wireless keyboards are supported, however programming is possible though wire only in both cases!

Utility was reported to work with:

  • 3×4 with 2 knobs (Bluetooth version)
  • 3×3 with 2 knobs
  • 3x2 with 1 knob
  • 3x1 with 1 knob

All these keyboards share same vendor/product IDs: 1189:8890 (hexadecimal). It is possible to override used vendor/product ID, but it is usually not needed. Use it only if you find same-looking keyboard with other vendor/product ID, I haven't seen such.

Ability to override vendor/product ID doesn't mean that you can use this software for programming arbitrary keyboards!

How to get it?

Get prebuilt release

Download latest release from GitHub releases

Build it yourself

Install cargo utility using rustup, then execute cargo install ch57x-keyboard-tool.

How to use?

Note: on Windows you need to install USBDK first.

Now create you own config from provided example-mapping.yaml. Example config has extensive documentation and examples inside.

You can validate config:

ch57x-keyboard-tool validate < your-config.yaml

Use 'show-keys' command to list all supported modifier and key names.

Finally, upload config to keyboard:

ch57x-keyboard-tool upload < your-config.yaml

You can also change LED configuration, if you keyboard supports it:

ch57x-keyboard-tool led 1


If you have any troubles using this software, please provide diagnostics.

Getting list of attached USB devices


ioreg -w0 -l -p IOUSB


system_profiler SPUSBDataType


lsusb -v

Monitoring generated keyboard and mouse events

Most simple (and cross-platform) way I've found is using keyboard and mouse Python modules.

Monitoring keyboard:

pip3 install keyboard
sudo python3 -m keyboard

Monitoring mouse:

# Latest published 'mouse' module doesn't support MacOS, so use latest version from Git:
git clone https://github.com/boppreh/mouse
cd mouse
python3 -m mouse



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