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bin+lib atomic-server

Create, share and model Atomic Data with this graph database server. Run atomic-server without any arguments to start the server. Use --help to learn about the options.

52 releases (26 breaking)

0.37.0 Feb 1, 2024
0.36.1 Dec 7, 2023
0.34.5 Jun 27, 2023
0.34.2 Mar 4, 2023
0.17.0 Nov 22, 2020

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MIT and GPL-3.0+

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Atomic-Server is mostly desgigned to run as a binary, but it can be embedded in other projects, too. It is currently used as an embedded server in the Tauri distribution of Atomic Server. See https://github.com/atomicdata-dev/atomic-server/tree/master/src-tauri


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