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AsciiArena is a terminal multiplayer deatchmatch game. Choose an ascii character and use your arcade skills to be the last one in the arena!

The game is made in rust, and built on top of tui for rendering into the terminal and message-io to connect clients and server.

Currently under development:

  • Menu
  • Game demo
  • Full featured game (working...)

Install it

AsciiArena is multiplatform, you can play it in Linux, MacOS or Windows.

You can download here the last release version from your OS.

Also, you can use the cargo package manager in order to install it and keep it updated easily:

$ cargo install asciiarena

If you have ~/.cargo/bin in your PATH (or similar in your OS), you will be able to use asciiarena everywhere in your computer!

Of course, you can download the repository and compile it by yourself using cargo.

Try it!

AsciiArena application contains both the server and the client.

  • To launch the server:

    asciiarena server -p <number of players>
  • To launch the client:

    asciiarena client

Both application modes has several CLI flags and options to select the host, ports, enable logs, etc...


Use <W>, <A>, <S>, <D> to move the player in the map.

Use <Space> for cast the skill.

NOTE: The following keys are used for demo. The final game will include a lot of skills with custom keys configuration.


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