Cargo Features

Fern has no features set by default.

fern = { version = "0.6.2", features = ["syslog-3", "syslog-4", "syslog-6", "reopen-03", "reopen-1", "meta-logging-in-format", "date-based", "colored"] }
syslog-3 = syslog3

Affects log_impl::Syslog3, fern::syslog

syslog-4 = syslog4

Affects log_impl::Syslog4Rfc3164, log_impl::Syslog4Rfc5424, fern::syslog

syslog-6 = syslog6

Affects log_impl::Syslog6Rfc3164, log_impl::Syslog6Rfc5424

reopen-03 = libc, reopen03

Affects fern::log_reopen, log_impl::Reopen

reopen-1 = libc, reopen1

Affects fern::log_reopen1, log_impl::Reopen1

date-based = chrono

Affects builders::DateBased, log_impl::DateBased, log_impl::ConfiguredTimezone, log_impl::DateBasedConfig, log_impl::DateBasedState

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

colored implicit feature

Enables colored ^1.5

Affects fern::colors

chrono date-based?

With std and clock

reopen03 cfg(not(windows)) reopen-03?

Enables reopen ^0.3

reopen1 cfg(not(windows)) reopen-1?

Enables signals of reopen

syslog3 cfg(not(windows)) syslog-3?

Enables syslog ^3

syslog4 cfg(not(windows)) syslog-4?

Enables syslog ^4

syslog6 cfg(not(windows)) syslog-6?

Enables syslog

libc cfg(not(windows)) reopen-03? reopen-1?

With default (std)