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app tet-ris

A play a quick game of 1984-ish Tetris right in the terminal!

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Civil-War-Reenactment Style of Tetris 1984 (with some quality-of-life improvements) in Rust!

play upside-down as well!



cargo install tet-ris


$ git clone https://github.com/manorajesh/tet-ris.git
$ cargo build --release



-h Output

Play Tetris 1984ish in your terminal!

Usage: tet-ris [OPTIONS]

  -g, --ghost                 Disable ghost piece shown at the bottom of the board
  -c, --hold                  Disable hold piece with 'c' key
  -t, --tick <MILLISECONDS>   Gravity speed for the game [default: 10]
  -s, --save <FILE>           Path to save file [default: save.tetris]
      --chars <2 CHARACTERS>  Characters to use for tetrominoes [default: ██]
      --no-colors             Disable colors
  -o, --original              Return to 1984 Tetris
      --sirtet                Play Sirtet (Upside-down Tetris)
  -h, --help                  Print help (see more with '--help')
  -V, --version               Print version

How to Play

The objective of Tetris is to move and rotate falling pieces called tetrominoes in order to create complete horizontal lines. When a line is complete, it will be cleared, and the lines above it will drop down. The game becomes progressively faster as you clear more lines and level up.


  • Left Arrow: Move the active piece left.
  • Right Arrow: Move the active piece right.
  • Down Arrow: Move the active piece down (soft drop).
  • Up Arrow: Rotate the active piece clockwise.
  • Space: Hard drop the active piece.
  • C: Hold the active piece.
  • P: Pause the game.
  • Q: Quit the game.

Gameplay Images


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