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A cross-platform audio recording/playback CLI tool with TUI

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A cross-platform audio recording/playback CLI tool with TUI, written in Rust. The goal is to be an audio Swiss Army Knife (asak), like SoX but more interative and fun.



You need to have cargo installed, see here.

step 1

cargo install asak

step 2

asak --help



asak rec hello

If no output name is provided, a prompt will come for you to input output file name. UTC format such as 2024-04-14T09:17:40Z.wav will be provided as initial file name.


asak play hello.wav

If no input name is provided, it will search current directory for .wav files and open an interactive menu.


  • record audio
  • basic audio playback
  • monitoring an input device with an output device
  • rec device, dur, sr, ch, fmt
  • play device, dur, sr, ch, fmt
  • playback live pos control
  • live amp + fx (reverb, delay, etc)
  • passthru + live fx


Just open an issue or PR, I'm happy to discuss and collaborate.


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