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A framework independent animation library for rust, works nicely with Iced and the others

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A framework independent animation library for rust, works nicely with Iced and the others.


Color&Opacity Animation Example

Size Animation Example

Raindrop Splash Animation

How to install?

Include anim in your Cargo.toml dependencies:

anim = "0.1"

Note: anim turns on iced-backend feature by default. You need to disable default features if you do not work with iced.

anim = { version="0.1", default-features = false }

How to use?

There are 3 important concepts in anim:

  • Animatable Types derived from Animatable means that its values can be calculated based on timing progress, with which you can create Animation objects.

  • Animation The Animation generates values based on its timing progress. You can construct a big Animation from small ones.

  • Timeline With Timeline you can control your animations' lifetime.

For simple scenarios, you just need Options.

use anim::{Options, Timeline, Animation, easing};

Then, build and start your animation:

use std::time::Duration;
use anim::{Options, Timeline, Animation, easing};

let mut timeline = Options::new(20,100).easing(easing::bounce_ease())

loop {
    let status = timeline.update();
    if status.is_completed() {
    println!("animated value: {}", timeline.value());

For complex scenarios, please look at examples to gain some ideas.

How to run the examples?

Example #1: color-example

This example shows you color animations:

cargo run --release --example color-example

Example #2: size-example

This example shows you size animations:

cargo run --release --example size-example

Example #3: animated-splash

This example shows you rain dop splash animations:

cargo run --release --example animated-splash




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