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Odin is a CLI tool utilized for installing, starting, and stopping [Valheim] servers

Who is odin?

Odin Specific Environment Variables

These are set automatically by Odin; you DO NOT need to set these and only mess with them if you Know what you are doing.

Variable Default Required Description
DEBUG_MODE 0 FALSE Set to 1 if you want a noisy output and to see what Odin is doing.
ODIN_CONFIG_FILE config.json FALSE This file stores start parameters to restart the instance, change if you run multiple container instances on the same host
ODIN_WORKING_DIR $PWD FALSE Sets the directory you wish to run odin commands in and can be used to set where valheim is managed from.


  • Odin relies on Rust. Please install Rust
  • Odin also assumes that you have SteamCMD already installed. Install instructions for SteamCMD.
  • If you have the proper build tools installed you should be able to run Odin on any system.
  • Current Supported Architecture: Unix & Linux based systems.


Make sure you have build essentials installed before you install this crate

  1. Install Rust & git
  2. Clone the repo
  3. cargo install cargo-make
  4. makers -e production release
  5. chmod +x ./target/debug/odin
  6. Copy ./target/debug/odin to /usr/local/bin


Main Menu

Install Valheim

odin install

Install Menu

Start Valheim

odin start

Start Menu

Stop Valheim

odin stop

Install Menu


Local Server

odin status

Remote Server

Replace the xx.xx.xx.xx with your server IP and query-port with the PORT variable +1 (ex: if 2456 use 2457 which is the steam query port.)

odin status --address "xx.xx.xx.xx:query-port"

Systemd service

  1. With the root user or using sudo run

    nano /etc/systemd/system/valheim.service
  2. Copy and paste the text below

    Description=Valheim Server
    Environment="PORT=2456" 'NAME="Valheim Docker"' "WORLD=Dedicated" "PUBLIC=1" "PASSWORD=changeme"
    ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/env /usr/local/bin/odin configure
    ExecStart=/usr/bin/env /usr/local/bin/odin start
    ExecStop=/usr/bin/env /usr/local/bin/odin stop
  3. Make any necessary changes to the service to fit your needs.

  4. Next save the file and start the service.

    sudo systemctl start valheim
  5. To have the server start on server launch, run:

    sudo systemctl enable valheim


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