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OpenCL backend for zyx machine learning library.

This backend implements:

  • shape specialization
  • ops fusion

If wondering which zyx backend to use, try using this backend first.

For README and source code, please visit github.

For more details, there is a book.

Cargo features

  • std - enables zyx-core/std
  • debug1 - enables printing of information about devices and prints compiled opencl kernels
  • CL_VERSION_1_1 - enables opencl v1.1
  • CL_VERSION_1_2 - enables opencl v1.2
  • CL_VERSION_2_1 - enables opencl v2.1


OpenCL backend for zyx

Initialize backend. You can use builder if you want to change settings of the backend.

let dev = zyx_opencl::device()?;
let dev = zyx_opencl::device_builder().build()?;

For README, quick tutorial and source code, please visit https://www.github.com/zk4x/zyx.

For more details, there is a book.


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