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Zenkit client library in Rust

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0.3.1 Dec 8, 2020

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Zenkit client library in Rust with caching. Supports most types and functions of the documented Zenkit REST API, plus helper functions that make it easier to read, update, and create list items. This library has been used to make client and server apps, WASM libraries, and webhooks.

Documentation is at docs.rs. Official reference at Zenkit API docs

Rust source-code generation

If you are writing a Rust client for Zenkit, check out zk-codegen, which can generate a client library (wrapping this library), with an API derived from the lists and fields defined in your workspace.

Companion cli tool

zenkit-cli has command-line capabilities that may be useful for testing and automation. It may also be useful to view as example code for many of the functions in this library.


Rust client api for Zenkit


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