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Generate Zenkit ORM client in Rust from user-defined workspace schema

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0.5.4 Apr 14, 2021
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Generate Zenkit ORM client library in Rust, based on user-defined workspace schema.

The output of this program is a new library crate that can be imported into a Rust app, or compiled into WASM.

Greatly simplifies writing reliable and performant Rust clients for Zenkit - can substantially reduce (by more than 50%) the amount of code required to interact with Zenkit, and improves code reliability by leveraging Rust's compile-time syntax and type validation to ensure type-safe use of business objects.

AFAIK, this is the only Zenkit client library that can detect schema-related code bugs at compile time, rather than at runtime. If Zenkit workspace "schema" changes, such as, by changing the name of a field, or changing a field type from integer to text, running zk-codegen and recompiling the client app will cause the compiler to flag any places where the app has a dependency on the old field definition.


Install with cargo install zenkit-codegen. The program name is zk-codegen.

Set the environment variable ZENKIT_API_TOKEN to your api token, which you can obtain from your account profile on zenkit.com.

# Generate source code
# Parameters are -o output_dir (will be created if it doesn't exist)
#                -w workspace_name
zk-codegen -o my-lib -w "My Workspace"

# The command above generates output_dir/Cargo.toml and
# output_dir/src/*.rs. The crate should build as-is
cd output_dir
cargo build

On subsequent runs, any files in src/ are overwritten, so that they reflect the current schema at the time zk-codegen was run, but, to avoid overwriting manual updates to Cargo.toml, new versions of that file will be saved as Cargo.toml.gen

If you get any errors during code generation or compilation, it's a bug in this crate. Please file a github issue.


There are some sample programs in the examples dir that use some of the Zenkit workspace templates.


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