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0.6.2 May 16, 2020
0.6.1 May 10, 2020

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Minimum rustc version Matrix

Another TUI based system monitor, this time in Rust!

Missing features

  • macOS is missing disk io counters and process commandline
  • Process filtering isn't implemented
  • Mouse usage isn't implemented


Currently works on Linux and macOS with support planned for all major platforms.

Package managers

Packaging status


ytop is available in three different AUR packages: ytop, ytop-bin, and ytop-git.


Updates in official Fedora/EPEL repositories may lag at this moment. As an alternative you can install from COPR:

sudo dnf copr enable atim/ytop -y
sudo dnf install ytop


brew tap cjbassi/ytop
brew install ytop

Prebuilt binaries

Prebuilt binaries are provided in the releases tab.

From source

cargo install ytop



  • Quit: q or <C-c>
  • Pause: <Space>
  • Process navigation:
    • k and <Up>: up
    • j and <Down>: down
    • <C-u>: half page up
    • <C-d>: half page down
    • <C-b>: full page up
    • <C-f>: full page down
    • gg and <Home>: jump to top
    • G and <End>: jump to bottom
  • Process actions:
    • <Tab>: toggle process grouping
    • dd: kill selected process or process group
  • Process sorting:
    • p: PID/Count
    • n: Command
    • c: CPU
    • m: Mem
  • Process filtering:
    • /: start editing filter
    • (while editing):
      • <Enter>: accept filter
      • <C-c> and <Escape>: clear filter
  • CPU and Mem graph scaling:
    • h: scale in
    • l: scale out
  • ?: toggles keybind help menu


  • click to select process
  • mouse wheel to scroll through processes


ytop ships with a few colorschemes which can be set with the -c flag followed by the name of one. You can find all the colorschemes in the colorschemes folder.

To make a custom colorscheme, copy one of the default ones to ~/.config/ytop/<new-name>.json and load it with ytop -c <new-name>. Colorscheme PRs are welcome!

CLI Options

    ytop [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

    -a, --average-cpu    Show average CPU in the CPU widget
    -b, --battery        Show Battery widget (overridden by 'minimal' flag)
    -f, --fahrenheit     Show temperatures in fahrenheit
    -h, --help           Prints help information
    -m, --minimal        Only show the CPU, Mem, and Process widgets
    -p, --per-cpu        Show each CPU in the CPU widget
    -s, --statusbar      Show a statusbar with the time
    -V, --version        Prints version information

    -c, --colorscheme <colorscheme>    Set a colorscheme [default: default]
    -i, --interface <interface>        The name of the network interface to show in the Net widget. 'all' shows all
                                       interfaces [default: all]
    -I, --interval <interval>          Interval in seconds between updates of the CPU and Mem widgets. Can specify
                                       either a whole number or a fraction with a numerator of 1 [default: 1]


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