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Uses old Rust 2015

0.0.4-vw-tweaks Oct 26, 2021
0.0.3-vw-tweaks Oct 25, 2021
0.0.2-vw-tweaks Jun 25, 2021
0.0.1-vw-tweaks Jun 25, 2021

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this branch includes tweaks by the UCSD team behind VeriWasm and others. ideally, yaxpeax-core would simply provide the interfaces necessary, but they found that in particular CFG inspection and switch table data weren't sufficiently exposed.

the intent of this branch is for feature-parity to be built into mainline yaxpeax-core, but this may not happen in a seamless manner. there are and will be more API differences between this branch and no-gods-no-. i would strongly disadvise depending on this branch or tweaks here unless you want breaking changes in the future! when the mainline crate has feature parity with this branch, i plan to delete vw-tweaks.


~275K SLoC