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yaxpeax-dis is the repo providing yaxdis, a small and very naive disassembler to exercise decoders in the yaxpeax project. it does not (currently?) do much other than disassembling hex input, and is mostly useful as an example of how to use decoders and spot-checking a specific instruction's decoding.


if you just want to build and use it, cargo install yaxpeax-dis should get you started. otherwise, clone this repo and a cargo build will work as well.

yaxdis [-a arch] [hex bytes], such as yaxdis -a x86_64 33c0c3 which should yield:

0x00000000: 33c0          : xor eax, eax
0x00000002: c3            : ret

or yaxdis -a armv7 83591764ab46cd42, producing:

0x00000000: 83591764      : ldrvs r5, [r7], #-0x260c
0x00000004: ab46cd42      : sbcmi sp, 0x46ab

or yaxdis -a ia64 e38000000061e200000042c0e1803080, producing:

0x00000000: e38000000061e200000042c0e1803080: [MII] (p07) mov r16=r0; (p09) mov r14=r0;; and r14=r14,r16;;

yaxdis also takes a -v flag to emit more verbose information (today, a Debug display of decoded instructions).

supported architectures

yaxdis should support all architectures listed in the yaxpeax-arch readme. that is currently x86_64, x86_32, x86_16, armv7, armv8, mips, msp430, pic17, pic18, m16c, avr, ia64, 6502, lc87, and sh/sh2/j2/sh3/sh4. specific levels of support and stability vary.


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