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Yet Another Password Prompt

yapp is a small library create for Rust based on the console to provide simple, testable password prompt for CLI apps.


  • Reads user passwords from the input, optionally with a prompt and echoing replacement symbols (*, or another of your choice).
  • Reads passwords interactively:
    cargo run --example simple
  • Reads passwords non-interactively:
    echo "P@55w0rd\n" | cargo run --example simple
  • Using the PasswordReader (optionally PasswordReader + IsInteractive) trait in your code allows for mocking the entire library in tests (see an example1 and example2)
  • Thanks to using the console library underneath, it handles unicode correctly (tested on Windows and Linux).

Usage Example

use yapp::PasswordReader;

fn my_func<P: PasswordReader>(yapp: &mut P) {
    let password = yapp.read_password_with_prompt("Type your password: ").unwrap();
    println!("You typed: {password}");

fn main() {
    let mut yapp = yapp::new().with_echo_symbol('*');
    my_func(&mut yapp);

The yapp::new() function returns an instance of PasswordReader trait. Alternatively, instantiate with yapp::Yapp::default() to use the concrete struct type.

See examples for more.


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