Cargo Features

WTX has no features set by default.

wtx = { version = "0.14.0", features = ["std", "ahash", "async-send", "async-std", "borsh", "client-api-framework", "database", "embedded-tls", "glommio", "http1", "miniserde", "orm", "pool-manager", "postgres", "protobuf", "schema-manager", "schema-manager-dev", "serde", "serde_json", "serde_yaml", "serde-xml-rs", "simd-json", "smol", "tokio", "tokio-rustls", "web-socket", "web-socket-handshake", "arbitrary", "atoi", "bytes", "embassy-net", "fastrand", "flate2", "futures", "memchr", "rand", "reqwest", "rkyv", "rust_decimal", "rustls-pemfile", "simdutf8", "test-strategy", "webpki-roots", "x509-certificate", "proptest"] }
std arbitrary? async-std? borsh? glommio? miniserde? protobuf? serde-xml-rs? serde_json? serde_yaml? simd-json? smol? tokio?

Enables std of optional ahash, optional arrayvec, optional atoi, optional cl-aux, optional memchr, optional miniserde, optional serde, optional serde_json, and optional simdutf8


Enabling this will enable AHashMap and AHashSet.

Affects misc::files, misc::group_and_migrations_from_path, misc::parse_root_toml, misc::parse_root_toml_raw, schema_manager::migration_parser, schema_manager::toml_parser, error::VarError

ahash postgres?

Enables ahash and optional hashbrown


Affects async_bounds::AsyncBounds

async-std = std

Enables async-std

borsh = std

Enables borsh

client-api-framework = cl-aux

Affects wtx::client_api_framework

database orm? postgres? schema-manager? = arrayvec

Affects wtx::database


Enables embedded-io-async and embedded-tls ^0.16

glommio = futures-lite, std

Enables glommio

http1 web-socket-handshake? = httparse
miniserde = std

Enables miniserde

orm = database

Enables smallvec

Affects database::orm


Affects wtx::pool_manager

postgres = ahash, base64, crypto-common, database, digest, hashbrown, hmac, md-5, sha2

Affects client::postgres

protobuf = std

Enables protobuf

schema-manager schema-manager-dev? = chrono, database

Affects database::schema_manager

schema-manager-dev = schema-manager
serde serde-xml-rs? serde_json? serde_yaml? simd-json?

Enables serde, serde of optional arrayvec and optional cl-aux

serde_json = serde, std

Enables serde_json


serde_yaml = serde, std

Enables serde_yaml

serde-xml-rs = serde, std

Enables serde-xml-rs

simd-json = serde, std

Enables simd-json ^0.11

smol = std

Enables smol

tokio tokio-rustls? = std

Enables tokio

Affects static_pool::StaticPoolTokioMutex

tokio-rustls = ring, rustls-pki-types, tokio

Enables tokio-rustls

web-socket web-socket-handshake?

Affects wtx::web_socket

web-socket-handshake = base64, http1, sha1, web-socket

Required by autobahn-client and autobahn-server binaries

_tracing-subscriber = tracing

Enables tracing-subscriber and tracing-tree

Affects misc::tracing_subscriber_init

arbitrary = std

Enables arbitrary

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

arrayvec database?
atoi implicit feature

Enables atoi


Parse integers directly from [u8] slices in safe code

Affects optimization::atoi

base64 postgres? web-socket-handshake?
bytes implicit feature

Enables bytes


Types and traits for working with bytes

chrono schema-manager?
cl-aux client-api-framework?
crypto-common postgres?
digest postgres?
embassy-net implicit feature

Enables embassy-net


Async TCP/IP network stack for embedded systems

fastrand implicit feature

Enables fastrand


A simple and fast random number generator

flate2 implicit feature

Required by autobahn-client and autobahn-server binaries

futures implicit feature
futures-lite glommio?

Enables futures-lite ^1.0

hashbrown postgres?
hmac postgres?
httparse http1?
md-5 postgres?
memchr implicit feature
rand implicit feature

Enables rand


Random number generators and other randomness functionality

reqwest implicit feature

Enables reqwest


higher level HTTP client library

ring tokio-rustls?
rkyv implicit feature

Enables rkyv


Zero-copy deserialization framework for Rust

rust_decimal implicit feature
rustls-pemfile implicit feature

Enables rustls-pemfile


Basic .pem file parser for keys and certificates

rustls-pki-types tokio-rustls?
sha1 web-socket-handshake?
sha2 postgres?
simdutf8 implicit feature

Enables simdutf8


SIMD-accelerated UTF-8 validation

test-strategy implicit feature

Enables test-strategy


Procedural macro to easily write higher-order strategies in proptest

tracing _tracing-subscriber?
webpki-roots implicit feature

Enables webpki-roots


Mozilla's CA root certificates for use with webpki

x509-certificate implicit feature

Enables x509-certificate


X.509 certificate parser and utility functionality

proptest implicit feature

Enables proptest


Hypothesis-like property-based testing and shrinking