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A fairly simple Wordle solver algorithm

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🟩 A simple algorithm to solve Wordle puzzles.


cargo install wordle_solver_


In order to represent the pattern below in my program, you can use the following keywords: B(Black), G(Green) and O(Orange).


The input of the program should be c-O r-B a-B t-B e-B. You need to associate each letter with your status / color and try to use to use the outputs of the program as the possible inputs in the game. Hopefully, you get good patterns to make the list of words as short as possible.


With the Wordle dictionary on hands, I could write a fairly simple algorithm to filter the entire list of words. I didn't measure, but I'm pretty sure this algorithm is very inneficient and certainly there are plenty of better implementations of a Wordle Solver. In order to take a little bit more advantage, try to use some good opening words, such as "crate",, "soare" or "crane". If you want to know about information theory in the context of Wordle solving algorithms, watch this.

Maybe in the near future, I could improve my algorithm precision by taking advantage of the list of common word and letter frequency, so I can show more precise and reliable results.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

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