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bin+lib wordle_clone

Wordle as a CLI app

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0.1.5 Feb 21, 2022
0.1.4 Feb 21, 2022

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Own implementation of Wordle as a CLI app.


During Won


Running this program in Window's Command Prompt may display unsatisfactory visuals. If you're running this in Windows, use Powershell (built-in in Windows 10) or other terminal emulator apps such as Git Bash.

How to Build

cargo install wordle_clone

How to Play

  • Run wordle_clone in the command-line.
  • If you're not familiar with the game, Press H at the start of the game to view the game mechanics.

What's new with version 0.1.5

  • Added a high score feature.


The colored library for providing convenience function for printing colored text in the terminal.