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bin+lib willbe

Utility to publish multi-crate and multi-workspace environments and maintain their consistency

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Module:: willbe

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Utility to publish multi-crate and multi-workspace environments and maintain their consistency.


  1. Multi-Workspace Consistency: In a project setup involving multiple workspaces with shared dependencies, willbe maintains consistency. It ensures all workspaces are updated with compatible dependency versions.

  2. Publishing Multi-Crate Projects: If your project structure includes multiple crates that need simultaneous publishing, willbe manages the process seamlessly. It ensures the crates are published in the right order while staying in version sync.

  3. Dependency Analysis: willbe can perform a thorough analysis of your project's dependencies, providing a detailed highlight of inconsistencies or areas that need attention.

  4. Test Execution With Varied Configurations: willbe can execute tests with varying configurations, such as different combinations of crate features. This assists in ensuring comprehensive coverage of test scenarios.

  5. Generate Health Table: Quickly visualize important project metrics like build status for each crate, creating a single, easy-to-read table.

  6. Automating CI/CD Workflow Generation: Automatically generate a series of CI/CD operations suitable for the task at hand to enhance productivity and improve the development process.

To install

cargo install willbe
will .

Try out from the repository

git clone https://github.com/Wandalen/wTools
cd wTools/module/move/willbe
cargo install --path .
will .


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