Cargo Features

macro_tools = { version = "0.38.0", default-features = false, features = ["full", "enabled", "attr", "attr_prop", "components", "ct", "container_kind", "derive", "diag", "equation", "generic_args", "generic_params", "item", "item_struct", "iter", "name", "kw", "phantom", "punctuated", "quantifier", "struct_like", "tokens", "typ", "typed"] }
default full? = attr, attr_prop, components, container_kind, ct, derive, diag, enabled, equation, generic_args, generic_params, item, item_struct, kw, name, phantom, punctuated, quantifier, struct_like, tokens, typ, typed

These default features are set whenever macro_tools is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

full = default
enabled default

Enables clone_dyn_types, enabled of former_types, enabled of iter_tools and interval_adapter


Affects macro_tools::iter, macro_tools::dependency, macro_tools::own, macro_tools::orphan, macro_tools::exposed, macro_tools::prelude, macro_tools::attr, macro_tools::attr_prop, macro_tools::components, macro_tools::ct, macro_tools::container_kind, macro_tools::derive, macro_tools::diag, macro_tools::equation, macro_tools::generic_args, macro_tools::generic_params

attr default = diag, quantifier

Affects macro_tools::attr

attr_prop default = components

Affects macro_tools::attr_prop

components default attr_prop

Affects macro_tools::components

ct default

Affects macro_tools::ct

container_kind default = typ

Affects macro_tools::container_kind

derive default

Affects macro_tools::derive

diag default attr

Affects macro_tools::diag

equation default

Affects macro_tools::equation

generic_args default

Affects macro_tools::generic_args

generic_params default = punctuated

Affects macro_tools::generic_params

item default phantom = punctuated

Affects macro_tools::item

item_struct default struct_like

Affects macro_tools::item_struct

name default

Affects macro_tools::name

kw default

Affects macro_tools::kw

phantom default = item

Affects macro_tools::phantom

punctuated default generic_params item

Affects macro_tools::punctuated

quantifier default attr

Affects macro_tools::quantifier

struct_like default = item_struct

Affects macro_tools::struct_like

tokens default

Affects macro_tools::tokens

typ default container_kind

Affects macro_tools::typ

typed default

Affects macro_tools::typed

Features from optional dependencies

qqq : put all files under features: macro_attr, macro_container_kind, ...
qqq : optimize features list
qqq : make sure all combinations of features are working and passing test
qqq : expose features