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An async ORM for (postgres, mssql, mysql, sqlite)

6 releases

0.1.5-alpha May 18, 2023
0.1.4-alpha May 4, 2023
0.1.2-alpha Apr 25, 2023

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An async ORM written in rust using the sqlx framework.

Welds - CLI

Welds is an ORM for Rust.

This crate is a command line tool to help you use welds.

It is used to generate rust code for your struct definitions.

You point it at your database and out comes a bunch of rust files for all the tables in your database.


cargo install welds-cli --version '0.1.5-alpha'

How to use

  1. Set a connection string to your database using the ENV DATABASE_URL
export DATABASE_URL=postgres://postgres:password@localhost:5432
  1. use the welds-cli to create a welds.yaml database definition file.
welds update
  1. use the welds-cli to generate rust code.
welds generate


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