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Weighty is a Rust library for reading from HID scales

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0.1.1 Aug 2, 2020
0.1.0 Aug 2, 2020

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Weighty is a Rust library for reading from HID scales.

We expose two APIs, one that depends on uom and one that does not. uom is nice in that it gives better static guarantees that you're not crashing a climate orbiter, but it carries a huge penalty to your compilation time. I find the trade worth it, but you may not, either way I've got you covered. To build with uom support, use the units feature.

In addition to the library, weighty also includes the weigh executable that polls each attached HID scale and prints their readings to standard out.

Supported Hardware

  • Dymo M10
  • Others? (try it and let me know)

How you can help!

Testing! I only own a Dymo M10, so it's all I can test against. If you have access to another HID scale please help by testing this code against it and submitting either a PR that updates the above list of supported hardware, or a bug report.

Additionally, weigh is pretty bare bones right now, it reads what it can and prints it. Feature requests welcome!

There might be a more elegant way to do the udev rules. Right now I'm granting 0666 to all USB devices with Dymo's vendor ID, but a wizard may be able to express a rule that applies to all devices that support usage page 0x8D. OTOH, the wizard may also be frustrated by vendors that don't correctly report their usage page (needless to say, this is my suspicion in this case).

weigh Installation

cargo install weighty --features="units"

Note: in order for this to work your user needs access to the scale device. In Linux this is typically done via udev. Example udev rules files can be found in the udev directory.


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