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AWS S3 capability provider for the waSCC wasm host runtime

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0.7.1 Sep 9, 2020
0.7.0 Jun 4, 2020
0.6.0 Apr 3, 2020

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waSCC S3 Capability Provider

A native capability provider for waSCC that implements the wascc:blobstore protocol for Amazon S3 and S3-compliant (e.g. minio) storage servers.

If you want to statically compile (embed) this plugin into a custom host, then enable the static_plugin feature in your dependencies:

wascc-s3 = { version = "??", features = ["static_plugin"]}


S3 implementation of the waSCC blob store capability provider API

Provides an implementation of the wascc:blobstore contract for S3 and S3-compatible (e.g. Minio) products.


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