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Redis capability provider for the waSCC WebAssembly actor runtime

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0.9.2 Jan 13, 2021
0.9.1 Nov 28, 2020
0.9.0 Oct 28, 2020
0.8.0 Aug 31, 2020
0.6.0 Apr 3, 2020

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waSCC Key-Value Provider (Redis)

The waSCC Redis capability provider exposes an implementation of the key-value store interface built using Redis. Each actor module within a host runtime will be given its own unique Redis client connection. The following configuration parameters are accepted:

  • URL - The connection string URL. This will default to redis:// if a configuration is supplied without this value.

If you want to statically link (embed) this plugin in a custom waSCC host rather than use it as a dynamic plugin, then enable the static_plugin feature in your dependencies section as shown:

wascc-redis = { version = "0.9.0", features = ["static_plugin"] }


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