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The WebAssembly Package Manager CLI. This tool enables installing, managing, and publishing wasm packages on the wapm.io registry.


With Wasmer:

As described in README.md of Wasmer, you can install wapm-cli together by the following command:

curl https://get.wasmer.io -sSfL | sh

With Cargo:

cargo install wapm-cli

With Homebrew:

brew install wapm

Get Started

Read the wapm-cli user guide on wapm.io to get started using the tool and use the wapm-cli reference for information about the CLI commands.

Get Help

Feel free to take a look at the WAPM documentation. You can also join the discussion on spectrum chat in the wapm-cli channel, or create a GitHub issue. We love to help!


See the contributing guide for instruction on contributing to wapm-cli.


Update GraphQL Schema

If the WAPM GraphQL server has been updated, update the GraphQL schema with:

graphql get-schema -e prod

Note: You will need graphql-cli installed for this: npm install -g graphql-cli.


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