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wasmer-cli Build Status Join Wasmer Slack MIT License

This crate is the Wasmer CLI.

The recommended way to install wasmer is via the wasmer-installer.

However, you can also install wasmer via Cargo (you will need to specify the compilers to use):

cargo install wasmer-cli --features "singlepass,cranelift"

Or by building it inside the codebase:

cargo build --release --features "singlepass,cranelift"

Note: installing wasmer via Cargo (or manual install) will not install the WAPM cli. If you want to use them together, please use the wasmer installer.


The Wasmer supports the following features:

  • wat (default): support for executing WebAssembly text files.
  • wast(default): support for running wast test files.
  • cache (default): support or automatically caching compiled artifacts.
  • wasi (default): support for WASI.
  • experimental-io-devices: support for experimental IO devices in WASI.
  • emscripten (default): support for Emscripten.
  • singlepass: support for the Singlepass compiler.
  • cranelift: support for the Cranelift compiler.
  • llvm: support for the LLVM compiler.

CLI commands

Once you have Wasmer installed, you can start executing WebAssembly files easily:

Get the current Wasmer version:

wasmer -V

Execute a WebAssembly file:

wasmer run myfile.wasm

Compile a WebAssembly file:

wasmer compile myfile.wasm -o myfile.wasmu

Run a compiled WebAssembly file (fastest):

wasmer run myfile.wasmu


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