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Wander is a programming language designed for extending applications. Its main use case is to be used as a library by another application (or library) instead of being used to compile to native code or bytecode like Wasm or the JVM or be ran as a script directly like Ruby or Python usually are.

It does this by focusing on several areas:

  • Embeddability, Wander is intended to be ran from inside of another program, this is the main use case for the language
  • Size, Wander has a small core that is designed to be flexible, this also helps with embedding both in terms of physical size and ease of interfacing with other programming languages
  • Portability, Wander already partially supports being integrated into projects using Rust, JVM, .NET, JS, or Wasm
  • Dynamicity, Wander tries to combine it's type system with runtime dynamicity in a way that is productive and will help catch common errors
  • Usability, Wander tries to lower as many barriers to entry for beginners while allowing experienced users a familar toolset


This project is very new, so expect a lot of breaking changes during design and experimentation.


See https://wander-lang.dev/docs/

Crates in this repo

Name Description Output
wander The main crate that includes the parser + data model + interpreter for Wander. lib
wander-repl A basic REPL for Wander based on rustyline. bin/lib
wander-pad A simple egui based desktop application for working with Wander. bin/lib
wander-wasm Wasm support for Wander based on wasm-bindgen. wasm/npm
Name Description
wander-lang.dev The main website + documentation for Wander.
wander-components A set of web components for working with Wander.
wander-ide An Integrated Development Environment for Wander.


This module is the library module for the ligature-repl project.


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