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A multiplayer, fast, super fast, voxel engine in your browser!

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Voxelize Parkour MineJS


  • Realtime built-in multiplayer game play
    • Protocol buffers for fast voxel data transferral
  • Multi-threaded parallel chunk processing
    • Multi-stage world generation to exceed expectations
  • Fully integrated chat system with commands registry
  • Oriented bounding box (ORM) physics engine that works with any blocks
    • Custom block types and shapes with physics support
  • Entity with in-place collision detection and ECS built in
  • World data saving for consistent experiences
  • Robust event system for custom game events


Checkout the Voxelize documentations here:


Before starting, make sure to install the following:

# clone the repository
git clone https://github.com/shaoruu/voxelize.git
cd voxelize

# download dependencies

# generate protocol buffers
yarn --cwd transport run proto

# start development
yarn run dev

# in a separate terminal, start both frontend/backend demo
yarn run demo

visit http://localhost:3000


This is purely a passionate project. Although inspired, I have no intention for this game to be affiliated with Minecraft, or any licensed voxel engines. Further, textures and assets used in the game are all either licensed for free use or hand-drawn by us.


~825K SLoC