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An audio-video synthesizer

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0.4.6 Aug 12, 2023

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MIT license


Copyright (c) 2023 Louise Montalvo louanmontalvo@gmail.com

Vince Audio-Video Synthesizer

This is a modular synthesizer system built to process both audio and video signals. It is in early development so please do not expect stability.

Modules are defined in individual files under the src/modules directory. Each module can take several inputs, produce several outputs, and use several "knobs" which are used to adjust module-specific parameters such as gain or speed.


It is recommended to run in release mode but it's no longer required.

$ cargo run --release racks/


Racks consist of modules and the patches between them. They are defined as TOML files under the assets/racks directory which is relative to either the CARGO_MANIFEST_DIR or the built executable. See the provided racks for details on how to make your own. When a rack file is modified, it will be hot-reloaded without needing to restart the program.

Basic example rack:

0 = { name = "Audio Out", type = "AudioOut", knobs = [1.0] }

1 = { type = "Oscillator", func = "Sine", knobs = [0.0, 440.0, 1.0, 0.0] }
2 = { type = "Oscilloscope" }

1M0O = [ # Take module 1's output 0
    "0M0I", # And patch it here to module 0's input 0
    "2M0I", # And here to module 2's input 0

Each module is keyed by an index. These indices are not necessarily sequential which allows for easy commenting out of modules during testing. Each module has a type which specifies the name of the struct defined in the module source. Optionally, each module can be named. This name will appear on screen in place of the module type. The remaining parameters are module-specific so be sure to read each module's documentation to understand what each one does.

A patch consists of a key defining the output index and an array that lists the input indices that the given output should be copied to. Each IO index is specific to a certain module, so it also contains the module index. Patches can also be created between outputs and knobs. See racks/rack1.toml for an example.


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