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Library for talking with the new Twitch API aka. "Helix", EventSub and more!

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Twitch API | Rust library for talking with the new Twitch API aka. "Helix", EventSub and more!


See documentation for more info.

You can see current unpublished docs for the main branch here: local-docs

See examples for examples. If you want to run them locally, make sure you get the git submodules first.

use twitch_api::helix::HelixClient;
use twitch_api::twitch_oauth2::{AccessToken, UserToken};

async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error + Send + Sync + 'static>> {
    // Create the HelixClient, which is used to make requests to the Twitch API
    let client: HelixClient<reqwest::Client> = HelixClient::default();
    // Create a UserToken, which is used to authenticate requests
    let token = UserToken::from_token(&client, AccessToken::from("mytoken")).await?;

        "Channel: {:?}",
        client.get_channel_from_login("twitchdev", &token).await?



This crate was previously available as twitch_api2 and has since been renamed to twitch_api


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