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A OAuth2 library for common web servers, featuring a set of configurable and pluggable backends

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A OAuth2 server library, for use in combination with common web servers, featuring a set of configurable and pluggable backends.


oxide-auth aims at providing a comprehensive and extensible interface to managing OAuth2 tokens on a server. The core package is agnostic of the used front-end web server and adaptors for the actix, rocket, iron and rouille crates are provided in extension crates. Through an interface designed with traits, the frontend is as easily pluggable as the backend. You can provide your own request, response and error types as well as choose any custom method of authenticating clients and users by implement the appropriate traits.


Some popular server libraries have ready-made integration. These still require some dependency on the base crate but generally wrap the interface into a user that is considered more idiomatic for their library. Besides the implementation of oxide-auth traits for the request type, specific error and response traits are also implemented.

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