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Twitch chat in the terminal

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1.6.0 Dec 13, 2021
1.5.0 Dec 3, 2021
1.4.0 Nov 11, 2021
1.3.0 Oct 27, 2021

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Twitch chat in the terminal.

What it looks like:



Normal mode
Key Description
c Go to the chat window chat.
i Enter input mode for sending messages. Exit this mode with Esc.
? Have the keybinds popup window appear.
q Quit out of the entire application.
C Open popup window to switch channels.
Esc Exits out of layered windows, such as going from input mode, to normal, to exiting the application.
Input mode
Key Description
Ctrl + w Cuts a single word (from the cursor to the next whitespace)
Ctrl + u Cuts the entire line
Ctrl + f Move cursor to the right
Ctrl + b Move cursor to the left
Ctrl + a Move cursor to the start
Ctrl + e Move cursor to the end
Alt + f Move to the end of the next word
Alt + b Move to the start of the previous word
Ctrl + t Swap previous item with current item
Alt + t Swap previous word with current word
Ctrl + u Remove everything before the cursor
Ctrl + k Remove everything after the cursor
Ctrl + w Remove the previous word
Ctrl + d Remove item to the right
Enter Confirm the input text to go through
Esc Drop back to previous window layer


  1. Make sure you have Cargo installed from rust-lang website. Make sure the Cargo binary folder is appended to your $PATH environment variable.
  2. Copy default-config.toml to a config.toml file. Based on your OS, place the config file in the following directories:
    • Windows: %appdata%\twt\config.toml
    • Linux/MacOs: ~/.config/twt/config.toml
  3. Get an OAuth token from Twitch, and have it ready to put into the token variable in the config.toml file that you created.
  4. Run cargo install twitch-tui and follow the instructions that it prints.
  5. You should now be able to run twt from anywhere now. For CLI options/arguments, run twt --help for information. Any arguments/options passed through the command line will overwrite config.toml. To update in the future, run cargo install twitch-tui. Have fun!

More information:

  • This project used to be named terminal-twitch-chat, but was renamed to twitch-tui in version 1.2.2.


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