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Ttyper is a terminal-based typing test built with Rust and tui-rs.



pre-built binaries

Pre-built binaries are available for most architectures on GitHub releases. If your system is not supported or you have another issue, feel free to open an issue.


cargo install ttyper


For usage instructions, you can run ttyper --help.


command test contents
ttyper 50 of the 200 most common english words
ttyper -w 100 100 of the 200 most common English words
ttyper -w 100 -l english1000 100 of the 1000 most common English words
ttyper text.txt contents of text.txt split at newlines


The following languages are available by default:

name description
c The C programming language
csharp The C# programming language
english100 100 most common English words
english200 200 most common English words
english1000 1000 most common English words
english-advanced Advanced English words
german 207 most common German words
go The Go programming language
html HyperText Markup Language
java The Java programming language
javascript The Javascript programming language
norwegian 200 most common Norwegian words
php The PHP programming language
python The Python programming language
qt The QT GUI framework
ruby The Ruby programming language
rust The Rust programming language

Additional languages can be added by creating a file in TTYPER_CONFIG_DIR/language with a word on each line. On Linux, the config directory is $HOME/.config/ttyper; on Windows, it's C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\ttyper; and on macOS it's $HOME/Library/Application Support/ttyper.


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