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Slides presentation in terminal

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Terminal Presentation tool with modern TUI capable to render images in terminal and with many more widgets.

Install via cargo

cargo install tui-slides


paru -S tui-slides


To create new presentation You have to create a folder with JSON file where you can create Your presentation slides. Example file is here.


To start tui-slides we just call it with argument -j where we specify path to JSON file with slides data.

tui-slides -j="./path_to_slides/slides.json"

JSON: root

Main section of slide config is box_size. Here we set fixed size of content box.

"box_size": { "width": 50, "height": 50 }

JSON: slides

slides property is defining content. Slide content have it's type, content, rect, data, max & color. There are few types at the moment but in the future there should be support for every widget in Ratatui library. Supported widgets ATM:

  • Image
  • Block
  • Paragraph
  • Line
  • Bigtext
  • Sparkline
  • Code Highlight


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