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0.8.1 (current) unknown

From kornelski/crev-proofs copy of

Only in debcargo (experimental). Changelog:

  • Team upload.
  • Package ttrpc 0.8.1 from using debcargo 2.6.1
  • Drop old patches, no longer needed
  • Set collapse_features = true
  • Add patch for nix 0.27 and tokio-vsock 0.5
  • Disable a test which depends on examples that do not appear to be included in the release.
  • Add patch to use protobuf 2.
  • Remove windows-specific dependency.

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To review the actual code of the crate, it's best to use cargo crev open ttrpc. Alternatively, you can download the tarball of ttrpc v0.8.1 or view the source online.