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Scalable, social, Code REView system that we desperately need - Rust/cargo frontend

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cargo-crev - Crev (Code REView system) for Rust/cargo


Crev is a language and ecosystem agnostic, distributed Code REView system.

cargo-crev is a CLI application implementation/frontend of Crev integrated with cargo and targeting Rust/crates.io ecosystem.

cargo-crev is a tool helping Rust users evalute quality and trustworthiness of dependencies they use.

Why Rust developers should use cargo-crev?

cargo-crev can already:

  • warn you about untrustworthy crates and security vulnerabilities,
  • display useful metrics about your dependencies,
  • help you identify dependency-bloat,
  • allow you to review most suspicious dependencies and publish your findings,
  • use reviews produced by other users,
  • increase trustworthiness of your own code,
  • build a web of trust of other reputable users to help verify the code you use,

and many other things with many more to come.

Getting started

Static binaries are availble on crev's releases page.

Follow the cargo-crev - Getting Started Guide (more documentation available on docs.rs).

cargo-crev is a work in progress, but it should be usable at all times. Join our matrix or gitter channel, get help, report problems and feedback. Thank you!


Changelog can be found here: https://github.com/crev-dev/cargo-crev/blob/master/cargo-crev/CHANGELOG.md


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