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Calculate recursive blake2 digest for path or directory

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A recursive blake2 digest (hash) of a file-system path.

Like sha256sum (or rather, less known blake2-based: b2sum), but for directories.

The recursive file-system digest algorithm used is described in a underlying library crev-recursive-digest.

Under the hood, it uses walkdir and blake2, with efficient IO handling, which makes it fast.


$ rblake2sum /usr/
f60d19435bb5e859d911c6600dcf96856dfce5de94d4fefd2b2675051ac10fc36dbde87fd86a30eb5224209b47263eb546bd9e3d7bdf64c1f26a7dccf51809af /usr/

$ rblake2sum --help
rblake2sum 0.2.0
Dawid Ciężarkiewicz <dpc@dpc.pw>
Calculate recursive blake2 digest for path or directory

    rblake2sum [FLAGS] [paths]...

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information



You can compile from source, using cargo:

cargo install rblake2sum

or use precompiled release binaries.


This tool calculates a digest of a content of a path. To illustrate:

$ mkdir a
$ touch a/file
$ cp -r a b
$ rblake2sum a b
3ecc0360bcfc32fd672443ecbe9b7e278be9e0a731cfedb4ada782bf9753ddd8768d467fcb7ee0b6e5920d1fe3352a6314f2ba73f3cfb3eed7c1a88dfe92cc38 a
3ecc0360bcfc32fd672443ecbe9b7e278be9e0a731cfedb4ada782bf9753ddd8768d467fcb7ee0b6e5920d1fe3352a6314f2ba73f3cfb3eed7c1a88dfe92cc38 b

Different path, same content. However:

$ mv a/file a/differentfile
$ rblake2sum a
6e4a518652881f356d863ae034e7508648455536e5393824b5cc96232786a4733ffb9c3cdd62bda4741ca0bfe60a181f6ae47959ceb0493716699e9b28f686ac a

The name of the files or directories in the path is a part of its content.

In the simplest case, a rblake2sum of a file is like a normal b2sum of the content, except prefixed with an F (to denote the type of the path). To illustrate:

$ echo -en "F" > f
$ cat f differentfile | hexdump -C /dev/stdin
00000000  66                                                |f|
$ cat f differentfile | b2sum /dev/stdin
c4df78482e7b82e1eea4026a9f61732a62a15a1741737a539733713c2beb3e0057f076934e9fb60646771a4d9084d32a8e48fe838108a842262cf2aad996fa26  /dev/stdin
$ rblake2sum differentfile
c4df78482e7b82e1eea4026a9f61732a62a15a1741737a539733713c2beb3e0057f076934e9fb60646771a4d9084d32a8e48fe838108a842262cf2aad996fa26 differentfile
$ echo "foobar" > file
$ cat f file | b2sum /dev/stdin
96178099394650380ee4bb34aed2eae3ef7a7782adbec3a9aeb436697544b63ed0218ff1240ea1823539183c5e183f211fa8d092bfebe351dc34f77047bceeec  /dev/stdin
$ rblake2sum file
96178099394650380ee4bb34aed2eae3ef7a7782adbec3a9aeb436697544b63ed0218ff1240ea1823539183c5e183f211fa8d092bfebe351dc34f77047bceeec file


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