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ttrpc-rust is a non-core subproject of containerd

ttrpc-rust is the Rust version of ttrpc. ttrpc is GRPC for low-memory environments.

The ttrpc compiler of ttrpc-rust ttrpc_rust_plugin is modified from gRPC compiler of gRPC-rs grpcio-compiler.


1. Generate with protoc command

To generate the sources from proto files:

  1. Install protoc from github.com/protocolbuffers/protobuf

  2. Install protobuf-codegen

cargo install --force protobuf-codegen
  1. Install ttrpc_rust_plugin from ttrpc-rust/compiler
cd ttrpc-rust/compiler
cargo install --force --path .
  1. Generate the sources:
$ protoc --rust_out=. --ttrpc_out=. --plugin=protoc-gen-ttrpc=`which ttrpc_rust_plugin` example.proto

2. Generate programmatically

API to generate .rs files to be used e. g. from build.rs.

Example code:

fn main() {
        .rust_protobuf() // also generate protobuf messages, not just services
        .expect("Codegen failed.");


ttrpc-rust supports async/.await. By using async/.await you can reduce the overhead and resource consumption caused by threads.


1. Generate codes in async version

Currently we only support generating async codes by using ttrpc-codegen

        .customize(Customize {
            async_all: true, // It's the key option.
        .expect("Gen async codes failed.");

Provide customize option

  • async_all: generate async codes for both server and client
  • async_server: generate async codes for server
  • async_client: generate async codes for client

See more in example/build.rs

2. Write your implemention in async/.await's way

Please follow the guidlines in example/async-server.rs and example/async-client.rs

Run Examples

  1. Go to the directory

    $ cd ttrpc-rust/example
  2. Start the server

    $ cargo run --example server


    $ cargo run --example async-server
  3. Start a client

    $ cargo run --example client


    $ cargo run --example async-client

Notes: the version of protobuf

protobuf-codegen, ttrpc_rust_plugin and your code should use the same version protobuf. You will get following fail if use the different version protobuf.

27 | const _PROTOBUF_VERSION_CHECK: () = ::protobuf::VERSION_2_8_0;
   |                                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ help: a constant with a similar name exists: `VERSION_2_10_1`

The reason is that files generated by protobuf-codegen are compatible only with the same version of runtime

To fix this issue:

  1. Rebuild protobuf-codegen with new protobuf:
cd grpc-rs
cargo clean
cargo update
cargo install --force protobuf-codegen
  1. Rebuild ttrpc_rust_plugin with new protobuf:
cd ttrpc-rust/compiler
cargo clean
cargo update
cargo install --force --path .
  1. Build your project.


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