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graphic utility library based on wgpu

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Graphic utility library based on wgpu.

Sample Codes


A sample of creating a render object by implementing "Rendered" in a new structure.

One can use xyr WGSL shader in the following way:

  • Enter the shader path as an argument when executing the program.
  • Drag and drop the shader into the window.

The rule of shaders:

  • One can draw a image by implementing the function:
vec4<f32> main_image(coord: vec2<f32>, env: Environment);
  • The parameter coord is the fragment coordinate. The origin is the lower left.
  • The parameter env has the environment information. The declaration of struct is the following:
struct Environment {
    resolution: vec2<f32>;  // the resolution of the image
    mouse: vec4<f32>;       // the mouse information behaving the same as `iMouse` in Shadertoy.
    time: f32;              // the number of seconds since the application started.

Also, see the sample newton-cuberoot.wgsl, default shader, in examples.


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