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yet another todo CLI app written in Rust

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Use default todo.txt path Demo

Use custom todo.txt path

# todo-cli-app -f PATH [COMMAND] to add tasks, etc... It will automatically create the txt file
todo-cli-app -f /mnt/c/Users/jackwill/Desktop/todo.txt add "hello world"


Fix: please run todo-cli-app init at your home directory to create the todo.txt file, then you can use the default path and run todo-cli-app list to list the tasks ,etc...


cargo install todo-cli-app


todo-cli-app --help
Yet another todo CLI app written in Rust

Usage: todo-cli-app [OPTIONS] <COMMAND>

  init   Initialize a new todo file
  add    add tasks
  rm     remove tasks
  list   list tasks
  done   complete tasks
  clear  clear all tasks
  sort   sort tasks
  edit   edit a task
  sync   add tags for the tasks sync from other device
  clean  remove finished tasks
  help   Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

  -f, --file <FILE>  The path to the file to read/write!
  -h, --help         Print help


In order not to type the long command when using another todo.txt file,add the code below to your zshrc or bashrc

todo() {
   todo-cli-app -f Path of todo.txt file "$@"
   # like todo-cli-app -f /mnt/c/Users/jackwill/todo/todo.txt "$@"

Inspired by


# todo-cli-app -f PATH [COMMAND] to have more lists or sync the txt file between different devices

todo-cli-app -f C:\Users\jackwill\Desktop\todo.txt add "Buy milk"

todo-cli-app -f C:\Users\jackwill\Desktop\todo.txt list


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