Cargo Features

tina-core = { version = "0.0.2", default-features = false, features = ["client-nacos", "client-tonic", "client-grpc", "server-actix-web", "server-axum", "server-ntex", "server-tonic", "server-http", "server-grpc", "database-mongodb", "database-mysql", "database-redis"] }
default = client-nacos, client-tonic, database-mongodb, database-mysql, database-redis, server-axum, server-tonic

These default features are set whenever tina-core is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

client-nacos default = nacos-macro, nacos-sdk
client-tonic default = client-grpc, tonic
client-grpc client-tonic
server-actix-web = actix-codec, actix-http, actix-router, actix-rt, actix-server, actix-service, actix-web
server-axum default = axum, axum-core, http-body, hyper, server-http

Enables dyn-async-trait-send of tina-macro

server-ntex = ntex, ntex-codec, ntex-io, ntex-router, ntex-rt, ntex-service, server-http
server-tonic default = http-body, hyper, server-grpc, tonic

Enables dyn-async-trait-send of tina-macro

server-http server-axum server-ntex?

Affects http::StreamResponse, session::ISessionBase.get_route_config, session::ISessionBase.disable_request_log_param, session::ISessionBase.is_disable_request_log_param, session::ISessionBase.disable_oper_log, session::ISessionBase.is_disable_oper_log

server-grpc server-tonic
database-mongodb default = bson, mongodb, mongodb-gridfs
database-mysql default = rbatis, rbs
database-redis default = redis

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

actix-codec server-actix-web?
actix-http server-actix-web?
actix-router server-actix-web?
actix-rt server-actix-web?
actix-server server-actix-web?
actix-service server-actix-web?
actix-web server-actix-web?
axum server-axum

Enables axum ^0.6.15

axum-core server-axum

Enables axum-core ^0.3.4

bson database-mongodb
http-body server-axum server-tonic

Enables http-body ^0.4.5

hyper server-axum server-tonic

Enables hyper ^0.14.25

mongodb database-mongodb
mongodb-gridfs database-mongodb
nacos-macro client-nacos
nacos-sdk client-nacos

Enables nacos-sdk ^0.2.5

ntex server-ntex?

Enables ntex ^0.6.6

ntex-codec server-ntex?
ntex-io server-ntex?

Enables ntex-io ^0.2.9

ntex-router server-ntex?
ntex-rt server-ntex?
ntex-service server-ntex?

Enables ntex-service ^1.0.1

rbatis database-mysql
rbs database-mysql
redis database-redis

Enables redis ^0.23.0

Affects lock::DistributedLockService, token::TokenService

tonic client-tonic server-tonic

Enables tonic ^0.9.2