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MongoDB GridFS Rust Driver

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This crate provides an implementation of Mongo GridFS on the top of mongodb's crate. This implementation only use the async/await version of mongodb.

From https://github.com/mongodb/specifications/blob/master/source/gridfs/gridfs-spec.rst

GridFS is a convention drivers use to store and retrieve BSON binary data (type “\x05”) that exceeds MongoDB’s BSON-document size limit of 16 MiB. When this data, called a user file, is written to the system, GridFS divides the file into chunks that are stored as distinct documents in a chunks collection. To retrieve a stored file, GridFS locates and returns all of its component chunks. Internally, GridFS creates a files collection document for each stored file. Files collection documents hold information about stored files, and they are stored in a files collection.


Uploading a document:

use mongodb_gridfs::{options::GridFSBucketOptions, GridFSBucket};
let mut bucket = GridFSBucket::new(db.clone(), Some(GridFSBucketOptions::default()));
let id = bucket
    .upload_from_stream("test.txt", "stream your data here".as_bytes(), None)

Downloading a document:

use futures::stream::StreamExt;
use mongodb_gridfs::{options::GridFSBucketOptions, GridFSBucket, GridFSError};

let bucket = GridFSBucket::new(db.clone(), Some(GridFSBucketOptions::default()));
let mut cursor = bucket.open_download_stream(id).await?;
let buffer = cursor.next().await.unwrap();


The following features are propagated to mongodb:

  • default
  • async-std-runtime
  • tokio-runtime

Code Status

Feature Status Notes
GridFSUploadOptions DONE contentType and aliases are not implemented
GridFSBucketOption DONE concerns not used when ensuring indexes
GridFSFindOptions DONE
GridFSDownloadByNameOptions TODO
GridFSBucket DONE
GridFSBucket . open_upload_stream DONE
GridFSBucket . open_upload_stream_with_id
GridFSBucket . upload_from_stream NO No Implementation planned
GridFSBucket . upload_from_stream_with_id NO No Implementation planned
GridFSBucket . open_download_stream DONE
GridFSBucket . download_to_stream NO No Implementation planned
GridFSBucket . delete DONE
GridFSBucket . find DONE
GridFSBucket . rename DONE
GridFSBucket . drop DONE no DropCollectionOptions used during the drop
GridFSBucket . open_download_stream_by_name
GridFSBucket . download_to_stream_by_name
indexes DONE


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