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A commandline timer tool with native OS notifications

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0.1.1 Jan 27, 2023

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A simple commandline timer software written in Rust that send you desktop-notifications


  • Set custom timer duration
  • Repeating timer
  • Native OS notifications
  • Low CPU usage

How to install

With rust and cargo installed, you can install Timerius by running

cargo install Timerius

Alternatively you can install the current head of this repository with

cargo install --git https://github.com/TillWege/Timerius.git

After that you should be able to invoke the binary simply by running Timerius in your terminal of choice

How to use

You can get a list of all available Commands by running

Timerius -h

To get information on any specific subcommand you can run

Timerius <subcommand> -h

You can start out by adding an alert by running

Timerius add -n Notifcation -d "this is an alert from timerius" -i 60 -r

After that you can start all of your timers by running

Timerius start


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