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A simple system tray application for notifying about unseen e-mail

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Using mutt (or pine), but annoyed that it doesn't give you any notifications when you've received new emails? buzz is a simple tray application that detects new emails on IMAP servers using IDLE (push rather than pull). When it detects unseen messages, it shows a OSD style notification and changes the tray icon to indicate that you have new mail.

This project is a Rust fork of hasmail, which provides basically the same features, and is written in Go.

What does it look like:

no new e-mail new e-mail

new e-mail notification


buzz looks for a TOML configuration file in ~/.config/buzz.toml on startup. The configuration file consists of a number of sections, each corresponding to one account:

server = "imap.gmail.com"
port = 993
username = "jon@gmail.com"
pwcmd = "gnome-keyring-query get gmail_pw"
notificationcmd = "ssh -t somehost wall 'New gmail message!'" #Optional

Account fields

The value in [] can be anything (though avoid . as it will be parsed as a new TOML section), and is shown in the tooltip when new e-mails arrive for an account. The options for an account are as follows:

  • server: The address to connect to. MUST currently be SSL/TLS enabled.
  • port: The port to connect to.
  • username: Username for authentication.
  • pwcmd: Command to execute to get password for authentication.
  • notificationcmd: Additional command to be executed on new messages for this account.
  • folder: Name of the folder to watch (optional; defaults to "INBOX").


  • click command
  • hover tooltip
  • customizeable folder


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