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Tendermint is a high-performance blockchain consensus engine that powers Byzantine fault tolerant applications written in any programming language. This crate provides core types for representing information about Tendermint blockchain networks, including chain information types, secret connections, and remote procedure calls (JSONRPC)

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0.15.0 Jul 20, 2020
0.13.0 Apr 20, 2020
0.12.0-rc0 Jan 19, 2020
0.11.0 Dec 11, 2019
0.1.2 Nov 28, 2018

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Rust crates for interacting with Tendermint: a high-performance blockchain consensus engine that powers Byzantine fault tolerant applications written in any programming language.

Also includes TLA+ specifications.


Release tags can be found on Github.

Releases for each crate are published to crates.io:

The following crates have not been published to crates.io yet:

  • light-client - Tendermint light client library for verifying signed headers, tracking validator set changes, and detecting forks
  • light-node - Tendermint light client binary


Requires Rust 1.39+


See documentation on crates.io.


The Tendermint protocols are specified in English in the tendermint/spec repo. Any protocol changes or clarifications should be contributed there.

This repo contains the TLA+ specifications and Rust implementations for various components of Tendermint. If you're interested in contributing, please comment on an issue or open a new one!


We follow Semantic Versioning. However, as we are pre-v1.0.0, we use the MINOR version to refer to breaking changes and the PATCH version for features, improvements, and fixes.

Only the following crates are covered by SemVer guarantees:

  • tendermint
  • tendermint-rpc

Other crates may change arbitrarily with every release for now.

We use the same version for all crates and release them collectively.


Software, Specs, and Documentation



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