Cargo Features

k256 = { version = "0.13.3", default-features = false, features = ["std", "alloc", "arithmetic", "bits", "critical-section", "digest", "ecdh", "ecdsa", "expose-field", "hash2curve", "jwk", "pem", "pkcs8", "precomputed-tables", "schnorr", "serde", "sha256", "test-vectors"] }
default = arithmetic, ecdsa, pkcs8, precomputed-tables, schnorr, std

These default features are set whenever k256 is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

std default = alloc

Enables std of optional ecdsa, elliptic-curve, and optional once_cell


optional dependencies

alloc std

Enables alloc of optional ecdsa and elliptic-curve

arithmetic default bits? ecdh? ecdsa expose-field? hash2curve? precomputed-tables schnorr

Enables arithmetic of elliptic-curve

Affects k256::NonZeroScalar, k256::PublicKey

bits = arithmetic

Enables bits of elliptic-curve

Affects k256::ScalarBits

critical-section = precomputed-tables

Enables critical-section of once_cell

digest sha256?

Enables digest and hazmat of ecdsa

ecdh = arithmetic

Enables ecdh of elliptic-curve

Affects k256::ecdh

ecdsa default = arithmetic, sha256

Enables signing and verifying of ecdsa

Affects ecdsa::SigningKey, ecdsa::VerifyingKey

expose-field = arithmetic
hash2curve = arithmetic

Enables hash2curve of elliptic-curve


Enables jwk of elliptic-curve

pem = pkcs8

Enables pem of ecdsa and elliptic-curve

pkcs8 default pem?

Enables pkcs8 of ecdsa and elliptic-curve

precomputed-tables default critical-section? = arithmetic, once_cell
schnorr default = arithmetic, sha256, signature

Affects k256::schnorr

serde = serdect

Enables serde of ecdsa and elliptic-curve

sha256 ecdsa schnorr = digest, sha2
test-vectors = hex-literal

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

once_cell critical-section? precomputed-tables
ecdsa-core digest? ecdsa pem? pkcs8 serde?

Enables ecdsa

Affects k256::ecdsa

hex-literal test-vectors?
serdect serde?
sha2 sha256?
signature schnorr