Cargo Features

Signature has no features set by default.

signature = { version = "2.3.0-pre.3", features = ["std", "alloc", "derive", "digest", "rand_core"] }
std = alloc

Enables std of optional rand_core

alloc std?

Affects encoding::SignatureEncoding.to_vec

Features from optional dependencies

derive implicit feature

Enables signature_derive


Custom derive support for the 'signature' crate

digest implicit feature

Enables digest


Traits for cryptographic hash functions and message authentication codes

Affects signer::DigestSigner, verifier::DigestVerifier, signer::RandomizedDigestSigner

rand_core implicit feature

Enables rand_core


Core random number generator traits and tools for implementation

Affects hazmat::RandomizedPrehashSigner, signer::RandomizedSigner, signer::RandomizedSignerMut, signer::RandomizedDigestSigner